Goat kids ready for their new home. All kids were dam raised and organically managed from day 1. Dams are provided with organic feeds only and all goats are free ranging on 15 acres. Well handled and used to small children and other animals. Parents and kids can be seen any time. There will be no sale of a single kid unless proven to move to an established herd. For a first time goat keeper, a minimum of 2 kids is required.

All of our goats keep their horns, no disbudding also per request.

Only one female still available, 130€
From pb Saanen buck, mother is crossbred/mixed doe, proven to be a very good and reliable milker in previous years

bucklings/wethers, 50€

from crossbred dams, fathers are mainly a registered Nubian and PB non registered Saanen. All males were castrated and are suitable as pets or for meat purposes. We find they do great on grass only when allowing to grow until 1 year old and only feeding additionally in the last two months